About Us

TransPay Solutions is a point of sale system, commercial cash register business as well as a credit card processing agent office of Sterling Payment Technologies in Louisville, Kentucky. TransPay Solutions was founded by Jerry and Becky Faith in 2004. The company sells to retail, restaurants, service businesses, and internet businesses.

In January 2011, TransPay Solutions acquired BMT Retail Systems, which was a CRS/SAM4s point of sale system, cash register business located in Louisville, Kentucky. BMT Retail Systems had been in business for 30 years when TransPay acquired them. By combining these two companies, TransPay helps business owners reach their “revenue” goals by providing all of the necessary tools to manage their business with accuracy and ease.

TransPay Solutions sets itself apart by “listening” to businesses needs or current issues in regards to payment processing, point of sales systems, hardware, software, and security. TransPay Solutions mission is to fulfill the customers need and help them take ownership of the product and service they purchase from us. At TransPay Solutions, we are here to help educate, train, service and provide knowledge to the staff, management and owners of the business so everyone will be successful!

We invite you to be a part of our TEAM.