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CAP POS is the engine that drives your store. From the front counter to the back office, our POS helps you save time and effort running a business. It is your partner when you are not at your business. Our fast, efficient, customizable POS lets you process transactions quickly so you can spend more time with your customers. The back office tool bar includes powerful inventory control, extensive reports, customer database and marketing tools, tag labels and printers, pricing and promotion management, and much more.

TransPay Solutions offers CAP Software’s most popular product, SellWise Pro. SellWise Pro is a powerful retail management software designed to help retailers take control of their business. SellWise Pro includes a fast, flexible, and easy to learn point of sale interface that is directly integrated to a powerful back office management system. It includes a customer database that gives you the ability to maintain rich, dynamic data on your customers and their buying patterns. Inventory control is a snap with a highly configurable inventory layout, automated purchasing and re-ordering, vendor management and built-in cycle counting. Easily setup and manage multiple pricing options, promotions, layaways, kits, item matrixes, serial numbers, and much more. TransPay compliments CAP’s software with PAR, a state of the art hardware touch screen that is durable, flexible, and eye catching.

Take control of your business today with these features:
  • Customizable point of sale
  • Automatic item and customer tracking
  • Integrated accounting options and accounts receivable
  • Product images
  • Configurable POS Hot Keys for fast lookups
  • Automated messaging and up sell functions
  • Web-based marketing programs to help grow your sales
  • Built in tag and label designer
  • All the reports you’ll ever need
  • PCI Compliance to keep your data safe

Quickbooks Link
If you use Quickbooks to manage your accounting CAP has you covered. We provide a direct link between SellWise or Cash n’ Carry system to your Quickbooks Pro accounting software. You will be able to automatically export general ledger information (Sales, COGS, Tax, etc.) and accounts receive data directly to Quickbooks to easily update your accounting. This eliminates double entry.

Inventory Checker
At CAP, we understand that retailers need a solid grasp of their inventory to effectively manage their business as a valued customer you will have a robust Inventory Checker module, with a variety of counting and input methods to help manage important task of inventory counts and management. We provide detailed reports on variances so you always know exactly what you have in stock.

Video Surveillance
Security is essential to retail businesses to provide a safe shopping experience, reduce theft, shrinkage and employee fraud. CAP integrates with a variety of video surveillance solutions to provide a complete video and data security solution.

Time and Attendance
CAP includes a simple time clock module for your employees to use to clock in and out at the beginning and end of their shifts. Employees use their normal CAP login code to access the time clock, and the interface is integrated with the normal CAP login screens, making it a seamless process. Managers can edit time clock reports and export hours for input into payroll systems.

CAP Multi Store
CAP offers true enterprise connectivity for retailers with more than one store, whether you have 2 or 20. CAP will help you manage your inventory; purchasing, customers and reporting for the entire enterprise from the one headquarter location using your existing CAP system. Our multi-store products simply enhance the functionality you already have, giving you the control you need.

Independent pharmacies are under more pressure than ever trying to keep up with big-box competition and Federal regulations. CAPs direct interface to SIGIS approved time list (IIAS) helps pharmacies stay abreast of the current list of healthcare and prescription items that are approved for payment with Flexible spending accounts (FSA). Many small pharmacies are not able to accept these payments due to non-compliance with these new regulations, costing them customers and profits. Let CAP and TransPay Solutions help you keep up with the competition with our integrated SIGIS interface.

FFL and BATF Reporting
CAP offers an ATF approved report format to help sporting goods and firearm retailers maintain Federal Firearms Licensing (FFL) compliance by tracking individual firearms by serial number, country, of origin, date of entry, date of sale, and detailed customer information. This report saves retailers countless hours of manual entry compiling this data for the required federal reports. Don’t let these requirements keep you up at night, let CAP pre-load these reports for you.

CAP is best used in the following retail locations:
  • Liquor stores
  • Apparel stores
  • Florist
  • Pharmacy’s
  • Boutiques
  • Lawn and Garden stores
  • Jewelery stores
  • Pool and Spa
  • Tires and Auto Repair
  • Hardware stores
  • Sporting goods
  • Firearm retailers

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