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Reflection POS is proven software with more than 20,000 systems installed in 35 countries around the world.

Reflection POS Is equipped with the most sophisticated network on the market. System information is replicated on every terminal across the high-speed TCP/IP network.

Built on solid-state technology and an embedded operating system, Reflection POS is not susceptible to viruses or spyware so you can rest assured that it will be ready to perform when you need it.

*General Stores*Thrift Stores*Liquor Stores
*Discount Stores*Small Grocery *Variety Stores
*Novelty Shops *C-Stores


  • Embedded O/S eliminates possibility of viruses
  • Self-Healing, Fully Data Redundant Network
  • Up to 30,000 Products
  • Product Scanning
  • Coupon Scanning
  • Link PLU/High-cone
  • Member/Non-Member Pricing
  • Mix and Match
  • Not Found PLU
  • Item Countdown with Automatic 86
  • Ounce/Pound Scale Interface
  • Time of Day/Day of Week Pricing
  • Drivers License Birthdate Verification
  • Price Check Function
  • Customer Rewards
  • Customer Charge Accounts
  • Credit/Debit/Gift/EBT
  • Inventory Control
  • Labor Scheduling and Time and Attendance
  • Loyalty Module
  • Food Stamp Sorting and Tendering
  • End-of-Day data sent to a Corporate FTP Site
  • Interface to optional insight BackOffice TM Softwre
  • And much more….


What is Reflection HQ

Reflection HQ is a cloud-based business information web portal designed to provide business owners, executives and managers with the information they want, when they want it.RHQ provides valuable services to both independent business operators and to chain operations.

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Independent Operators

RHQ gives “Independence” back to the Independent operator. Owner/operators benefit from the freedom of having sales and labor information available to them anytime and anywhere.

Chain Operators

RHQ gives chain operators powerful sales and labor analysis tools that help improve the bottom line. Information is available by management group or across the entire enterprise.Make price changes from headquarters and distribute to a single store or to the entire chain of stores.

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