PAR Table Service

PAR PixelPoint Software for Table Service/Fine Dining restaurants offers robust features in an easy to implement and easy to use solution.

PAR has more than 30 years experience in the restaurant POS business and is in 110 countries worldwide. Leveraging its rich technology and industry expertise, PAR has designed its PixelPoint software to meet the changing needs of restaurant operators. Built on a commercial grade SQL database, PAR developed EverServ PixelPoint based on four core principles: adaptability, modularity, scalability, and usability. PixelPoint is quick to configure, fast to implement and easy to use.


Multiple Service Modes: PixelPoint allows you to configure the POS station for specific job functions. By matching the user interface to requirements of the position employees are able to operate faster and with fewer mistakes. PixelPoint enables operators to run multiple service modes within the same restaurant environment.

*Table Service *Cashier Service*Bar Service
*Delivery and Pickup Service*Quick Service *Host(ess) Service

Table Management: Intuitive information to help increase table turns and improve customer flow.

*Table Sections *Table Seating
*Reservations *Bussing Commands