SAM4s Quick Service

Quick Service Features
  • Store and Recall Drive Through, Phone-In and Delivery Orders
  • Up to Ten Different Modifier Keys can be used to Describe and Price and Item
  • Promo and Waste Functions Keep Inventory Accurately

Product Mix Groups and Projections
  • Track Usage of Key Inventory Items such as Pieces, Patties and Cups
  • Report Usage by Time Period
  • Projection Reports Improve Customer Service and Reduce Waste

Item and Ingredient Inventory
  • Basic Menu-Explosion Inventory Included
  • Build Recipes, Ingredients and their Costs
  • Enter Receipts, Transfers, Waste and Shelf Count
  • Reports Detailed Usage, Food Cost Amounts and Percentages

Delivery Customer Database
  • Store Customer Records and Recent Order History
  • Recall Delivery Orders by Phone Number
  • Enter New Customers on the Fly
  • Store up to 9999 Customer Records and 11 Information Fields
  • Poll Customer Data for Direct Mail Marketing

Powerful Kitchen Video Requisition System
  • Drive-Thru, Food Preparation or Expeditor Applications
  • Sent Items Real Time to Speed Service
  • Multi-Color Display
  • Eight or Four Order Screen Formats
  • Split Screen Format Seperates Drive-Thru and Counter
  • Park Drive-Thru Orders for Preparation
  • Order Timing and Reporting
  • On Screen Key Item Counts

Designed For Reliability

No Hard Disk Drive

By using compact flash memory instead of a hard disk drive, the SAM4s SPS-2000 is inherently more reliable and requires less maintenance.

EPROM Program Storage

The SPS-2000 application program is bundled with each terminal and preloaded in EPROM, providing exceptional reliability, stability, and speed- with significantly faster booting than traditional PC-based POS.

No Single Point of Failure

Each SPS-2000 is fully functional without a server or network, meaning that there is no single point where an unexpected failure could completely disable your system.

Quiet Fanless Operation

With no fan to draw contaminates into the register, the SPS-2000 will perform better and last longer.

Popular POS Components Included- Not Added On
  • Rear Display
  • Magnetic Card Reader
  • Easy Save/Load
  • Easy to Access Ports

SAM4s 2000 Quick Service