SAM4s 300

The ER-300 can interconnect multiple units to consolidate your sales reporting and share access to peripherals.
The traditional raised-key keyboard provides 21 keyboard PLU keys and can be expanded by TransPay Solutions to 63 PLU keys. Keyboard PLUs act like traditional departments for open-priced entries or can be set as preset price keys. Large key size ensures easy-to-read key labels. Merchants who wish to scan or build their PLU file on the fly using the not-found PLU registration feature.

Popular Components Included

Thermal Printer(s)
Choose a two-printer model (SPS-340, SPS-345) when a customer receipt and a traditional real-time printed journal is desired for transaction archival. The single printer model is best for receipt-only applications. If you choose the SPS-320 for printing receipts, you can record your journal electronically in the registerís memory. Both provide fast, quiet thermal printing. Drop-in loading simplifies paper changing and virtually eliminates paper jamming.

Electronic Journal
The journal can be archived electronically for printing at end-of-day, or can be collected on an SD card. A variety of electronic journal options are available that allow you to quickly audit selected activities.

Networking, Connections and Peripherals

IRC Network
An Ethernet connection is provided on each SPS-300 Series ECR for inter-register communications (IRC) through a network switch. Up to 8 SPS-300 ECRs can be networked.
  • Consolidate reports from all registers at any SPS-300 within the network.
  • Download program updates and price changes to all or selected registers in the network from any SPS-300.
  • Share RS-232C devices such as the DataTran electronic payment processing appliance, kitchen video, and kitchen printers that are connected to an individual SPS-300 with any SPS-300 in the network.

NOTE: Guest check balances cannot be shared within an SPS-300 network.

Shared Network Options
RS-232C options that can be shared within an SPS-300 network include serial Kitchen Printers, E-PAD Video Controllers and Datacap Tran electronic payment devices. Using optional SAM300 or PC-Poll a PC can access any network register for report collection or program loading.

Remote Printing
The SAM4s Ellix 20II high speed thermal printer can print requisitions for your kitchen or preparation area.

Kitchen Video
The E-PAD Video Controller provides a powerful way to speed service and increase employee productivity.

PC Utility & Polling
Support your standalone SPS-300 or SPS-300 network. Use the PC Utility to save, edit and download programs or view reports. Schedule report polling with the optional SAM300 communications software.

Electronic Payment Devices Insure Speed, Security and Efficiency
The SPS -300 is compatible with the latest Datacap Systems Tran Series electronic payment processing applicances. Transactions can be processed in two seconds or less using the latest IP Tran or TwinTran technology and a persistent internet connection.

The SPS-300 payment application has been validated by the PCI Security Standards Council. The listing can be viewed at the PCI Security Standards Council website.

Individual ECR Options
Each SPS-300 can support up to four devices including direct or modem PC communications, cash drawer, kitchen printer, slip printer, coin dispenser, scale, pole display, kitchen video, video surveillance, UPC scanner, liquor dispenser or DataTran integrated credit.

SAM4s-ER 300 Series