SAM4s 900

The SAM4s ER 900 Series electronic cash register is easily programmed to meet the needs of a retail environment. He has raised keyboard keys, two-line alpha-numeric display that shows each line item as it is entered. It will connect to POS peripherals, including scanners, printers, cash drawers and it can accept credit card payments.

The best locations for the SAM4s 900 is independent retail merchants, specialty shops, convenient stores, gift shops, liquor, wine or beer stores and produce stores.

The traditional raised-key keyboard provides 21 keyboard PLU keys and can be expanded by your TransPay Solutions to 63 PLU keys. Keyboard PLUs act like traditional departments for open-priced entries or can be set as preset price keys. Large key size ensures easy-to-read key labels. Merchants who wish to scan can build their PLU file on the fly using the not-found PLU registration feature.

Popular Components Included
An extremely cost-effective and environmentally friendly bundle- each ER-900 series register includes a high quality cash drawer, high-speed thermal printer(s), and a rear customer display.

Integrated Credit, Debit and Gift Card Payments

Insure Speed, Security and Efficiency
Electronic payment sales can be processed in a single step at the SAM4s ER-900 with an optional DataTran integrated payment appliance.
  • The ER-900 Series is electronic payment and gift card processing ready-no additional software modules are required.
  • Transactions can be processed in two seconds or less using the latest IPTran or TwinTran technology and a persistent internet connection.
  • The ER-900 payment application has been validated by the PCI Security Standards Council. The SAM4s SPS Series Payment Application listing can be viewed at the PCI Security Standards Council website.

SAM4s-ER 900 Series